The Ginny Levine Shoalership Grants

The Ginny Levine Financial Grants Fund was established by the All Star II Corporation to provide financial assistance to individuals and families who might not otherwise be able to experience the gifts and resources of Star Island and the All Star II community.

How to Apply

For more information, contact:

Margy Levine Young

1042 Ridge Rd

Cornwall, VT 05753

(802) 462-9444

Awards and inquiries are kept confidential.


The Ginny Levine Fund (GLF) was started by Old Shoaler Robert J. Levine in memory of his wife Ginny, who loved Star and made many contributions to the island. The Levines attended All Star I and II for many years and were chairs of the All Star II conference in 1975. Through the years Bob and Ginny were concerned about the number of people who, because of financial difficulties, could not attend a conference. Bob, who died in 2019, was delighted that the Ginny Levine Fund has helped and will continue to help many Shoalers enjoy the Island for years to come. The GLF is supported by an art auction held during the conference and by donations from All Star II attendees.


It is the policy of the All Star II Corporation to provide a means by which individuals with limited financial resources can participate in the Star Island experience. The Corporation delegates to the members of the “Ginny Levine Financial Aid Committee” the responsibility to determine the qualifications for financial assistance by following an adopted set of procedures (i.e., the Financial Aid Application Process). The guidelines and the process shall be set by and approved by a consensus of the committee. The small committee consists of former chairs and long term attendees of the All Star II conference.