Family Fun Day Helper

Number of People: 5-7

Budget: $60 total, for several "workshops" so find out from the coordinator whether your supplies can be covered

As helper, you lead a family fun day event, such as snake hunting, blowing huge bubbles, kite flying, a goat walk around the island, or tie-dying.

Feel free to suggest your own event, that you think families can enjoy together. You will be responsible for purchasing and bringing with you any supplies you need. Discuss ahead of time with the coordinator, what you want to purchase, to be sure the budget will cover it, and also cover supplies for other events. You will need to bring any receipts to Tim Flint, the treasurer, of to the family fun day coordinator.

Tell to coordinator where your group will meet, and what they will be doing, before coming to the island or by Sunday night at the latest.

Be ready to run your event promptly at 1:30 and to end at 3:00. Bring participants back to the original meeting place. Be prepared for families to come and go from your activity, but feel free to let them know you will be closing up shop at 3:00, for those trying to get in one more thing late in the time-frame.

Last edited by Kathy West June 2018