Number of People: 1

Budget: $0

In the recent past, volleyball has been scheduled on the Star Board for 11:00 a.m. as well as announced occasionally at other times. Your job is to support both the scheduled and spontaneous games by sprucing up the court on Sunday morning and maintaining it during the week. This may involve seeking out the equipment if it was not left set up by the previous conference. In this case, you may also wish to request pelican assistance. Advance planning before arriving is recommended for delineating boundary lines since ropes and line painting supplies are not always available. If you have a preference for the ball, you may also want to bring it with you — otherwise, you will need to make do with whatever happens to be available.

Tone and tenor of the game are the most challenging aspects of this job. Some who attend may have played the game competitively and wish for serious adherence to setup and rules. Others will attend who just want to bat the ball around. Small people are often attracted to the game which raises the possibility of serious injury. It is your job to moderate and/or schedule the different approaches so that everyone can have fun at least part of the time and everyone is safe all the time.

Last reviewed by Kathy West - June 2018