All Star 2 Corporation

The All Star II Corporation is the organization that runs the All Star II conference. Its members are the past chairs of the conference who choose to join the corporation. The All Star II Corporation has no legal connection with the Star Island Corporation. It is goverened by these Bylaws

The Corporation members (a.k.a. The Past Chairs) meet twice a year: once during All Star II on the island, usually Sunday afternoon, and once off the island, usually the first weekend in November somewhere in the Berkshires. The Chairs for the following year are chosen at the on-island meeting, and that part of the meeting is closed to observers. The rest of the the on-island meeting, as well as the fall meeting, are open to observers. More at Chairs Meetings.


President: Ed Doty

Vice President: Cathy Cordes

Treasurer: Sarah Russell

Secretary: Margy Levine Young