Starboard Scribe

Number of People: 1 or 2

Budget: $0

This very important task is to keep all Shoalers aware of the multiple activities occurring throughout the conference. It is done by using the large blackboard located in the hotel lobby and should be completed by the end of Candlelight Services each night showing the activities of the next day. Saturday's activities should be noted immediately upon arrival on the Island.

The following format has been used: Divide the board into two halves (right and left). Measure off 17 or 18 lines, about 2 inches apart. Mark in margins. Use a heavy hand for activity name, a lighter touch for secondary information. Chalk supplies are available at the front desk or bring your own. Feel free to develop your own format. The only requirement is that people can easily find the time and place of the day’s activities.

The person selected for this position must have legible handwriting or printing skills and a firm strong hand. S/he should obtain a list of the next day's activities from the Chairs, usually starting with Polar Bear Dip and ending with Chapel/Dictionary. Since the back of the blackboard is available for the next day's entries, there is no reason to erase the current day's activities.

Desirable characteristics in a scribe would be a sense of humor, a creative flair, and the ability to write only what is authorized by the Chair people. Get a list of activities by 9:00 each night. The Starboard Scribe should also be firm with well-wishing volunteers who want to make changes or corrections that are not O.K.’d with the Chairs.

This job is every day and can be somewhat time consuming. If possible, have 2 people work on it.

Last reviewed by Kathy West - June 2018