Softball – Kids vs. Parents

Number of People: 1

Budget: $0

Fun is the Key! You should encourage all adults to participate. We all help with each other’s kids while on Star, so being an actual “parent” is a flexible title for purpose of this FUN game!

Set batting order and field positions for the two teams.

This game originated because the kids don't get to play in the Pel game, and it is very important to them. Remember that the kids usually get to take 5 or more strikes. Also remember that no children can use any softball equipment without a guardian to sign out the equipment at the desk. The catcher must wear a face mask. You should select a good umpire who knows the rules of underhand/slow pitch softball. S/he should be good natured, fair (most of the time) and willing to accept the fact that no one likes the ump, so they toss him/her into the brisk ocean water at the end of the game!!

This used to be 'kids vs moms' but in 2013 was changed to 'kids vs parents'

Play ball!

Last reviewed by Kathy West - June 2018