Website Coordinator

Number of People: 2

Budget: $0

The site (including the website, email addresses, and mailing lists) is maintained on Google as part of their free "GSuite" service for non-profits. New chairs should check with the current coordinators to see whether anyone wants to rotate off. The email address can be used to get in touch with the current web team.

The web team's responsibilities include:

Note that the Facebook page is not part of the web team's job. It mostly maintains itself(?) and shoalers can use it to share photos or videos from the conference.

You tend to get a break during the conference itself because no one is checking the web page. But you may collect feedback on the island. In a pinch, the Google Admin phone app is pretty good.

In the months following the conference, you should do the following:

Over the fall, you should do the following:

Once registration opens, plan on being fairly available. You will do things like:

Last update: July 2017, Ben Cordes