Name Tags

Number of People: 2-4

Budget: $50 (in 2012, they switched to higher quality badge holders that clip into clothing. They spent $200)

We have stopped trying to recycle the name tags. The effort and postage to get them to the right people is just not worthwhile. In any case they tend to be in pretty rough shape after a week on Star. As of 2004, $50 is budgeted for new plastic holders that you will have to purchase. Bring a receipt and the treasurer will reimburse you on the island.

A few weeks before Star, the Chairs will send you a conference list (hopefully the final one, but probably not, given the increasing variability with the wait list), with notations for the New Shoalers and for those who have chosen a meal plan. Put a star or other symbol on the New Shoalers tag and a Meal Type letter designation, "B" "C" or "V" etc, (as Chairs' list instructs).

Show up at the dock about noon for the 2:00 boat and set yourself up to hand out the tags as people arrive. This process is made easier if tags are in envelopes, labeled with the family name, and the envelopes are alphabetized in a box. Otherwise, you'll go crazy on the dock. This job can be divided into groups - one group doing the actual label making and another handing them out on the dock.

It is wise to have several extra plastic holders and extra name tag paper and markers to replace lost, incorrect and/or broken name tags as the week progresses. Some people may ask you to put tape on the back of their name tags so they won't blow out in the wind, and you can do this if you want. The Lobby Desk at the hotel will also provide tape. Also, some people arrive on later boats on different days and you'll have to leave their nametags on the lobby desk, and track them down if they don't pick them up on their own.

Feel free to be creative within the framework mentioned above. Some years, the name tags are decorated, other years they aren't. However, name tags should be very legible, and large print should be used. (It has been suggested in 2001 that the first name be written a little larger to stand out for easy recognition.) Writing tags by hand probably takes longer than you would expect. It takes a few days at several hours per day.

Beginning in 2000, name tags were printed by computer. The needed information (First Name, Last Name, Where From, and Meal Type) is now on the All Star II Database. You will have to do the printing from your own computer. If you wish to make use of the database, the job is most easily done if you are in possession of File Maker Pro software. Contact Registrar for information for the tags how to use the spreadsheet for the needed information. Otherwise, you can devise your own computer printing technique or revert to writing name tags by hand. New plastic tags and printing stock should cost about $50.00

Last reviewed by Kathy West - June 2018