Appledore Trip

Number of People: 1

Budget: $0

The chairs should have made a Kingsbury reservation early in the year. To confirm reservations contact Pamela M. Boutilier, Shoals Marine laboratory Coastal Coordinator. Telephone: 603-430-5220, Fax: 603-430-5221, Email:

There will be a trip to Appledore Island leaving at 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon on the R/V John M. Kingsbury. Boat is expected to return at approximately 5:00 pm. Arrangements need to be made with a member of the Star Island Staff to act as a tour guide (often Vaughn Cottage curator) while the group visits the Shoals marine Laboratory. Speak to the Island Manager on arrival at the island. Confirm the date and departure times from Star and from Appledore with the Conference Chairs and Pamela Boutilier per attached letter from the Shoals Marine Laboratory Coastal Coordinator. It is also possible for the Kingsbury (boat) to take the group for a tour around the neighboring islands, but it needs to be confirmed.

On Star, make an announcement about the trip, and put a sign-up on the writing table in the lobby. In your announcement, tell people:

1. About Celia Thaxter's Garden and the Lab.

2. Warn people that Appledore is sunburn territory and is covered with poison ivy.

3. Gather at the Well House at 2:15 p.m. (10-15 minutes before boarding boat).

4. Do NOT get on any other boat, but wait for the R/V John M. Kingsbury.

5. This is a guided tour. Please stay with the group. At the end of the tour there will be free time to visit the bookstore, gift shop, etc.

6. Add information on sign-up sheet about: cost, times, meeting location, size of group and money collection and deadline for payment - sign up and payment to be completed by Monday dinner a the latest, last minute collections cause delays. Have singles available for people paying with larger bills.

7. The round-trip fee is $20.00/ person for a minimum of 20 passengers including all children. Maximum number of passengers, including children is 47.

8. Arrange for a Star Island Staff person to act as tour guide for the trip, there will be no fee charged for this person they are included in the count.

9. You may make arrangements to extend the tour to include a site-seeing trip of DUCK ISLAND en route back to Star Island, this must be made in advance. There is an additional fee for the extended trip.

There is usually plenty of enthusiasm for the trip, so getting enough people will probably not be a problem.

Alert the lifeguard and Front Desk that the trip will take place. Meet briefly with Vaughn Cottage Curator to confirm length of tour and other details.

You must accompany the tour and be responsible for the group. This includes having the group at the dock 10-15 minutes before departure, and confirming the head count when leaving for Appledore AND when returning to Star. If you cannot go, designate a responsible person.