Children's Chapel Coordinator

Number of people: 1-2

Budget: $0

You may choose to lead one morning and recruit 4 others or to recruit 5 people or groups to lead the Children's morning chapels. One morning is usually run by the Mid-teens and skimmers . In the past few years the junior teens have also led one of the mornings. Reach out to the group leaders to confirm.

There may be a list of people who indicated on their evaluation sheets from the previous year that they would like to lead a morning chapel service. Call the Chairs for these names or suggestions if you don't have enough volunteers. Give the names of the leaders and the schedule for the five days to the Starboard Scribe once you arrive on island.

Be sure to tell the speakers that they will need to arrange for music in advance if they wish for live music help from the music director. There is also an option to borrow a boom box or speakers or to arrange for volunteer musicians from the conference.

Checked by Kathy West- June 2018