Marshmallow Roast

Number of People: 2

Budget: $0 (The chairs will place your order with Conference Services)

This job entails supervising this pleasant occasion one evening early in the week (either Saturday or Sunday) at Star. It is held primarily for the young people, but it has grown increasingly popular for all ages with the inclusion of folk song sing-a longs.

Consult with Conference Services on the day of the roast about the location and make sure to tell the Chairs and Starboard Scribe so the location will be posted on the chalkboard. The location will be determined by the island. Much depends on the winds, tides, etc. The rocks beyond the Summer House are the general location.

  1. We will be ordering the marshmallows and s’mores supplies from Conference Services. They will be delivered to the event by the Pels, but you may need to request them at the front desk if the Pels are late. You will need to give out the marshmallows, chocolate, and grahams. The Pelican staff will build and light the fire and you or a conferee you designate will oversee the fire. A portable pump will be provided to douse the fire at the end of the activity. You should stay to the bitter end to make sure the fire is OUT. Ask a singer with a guitar or other instrument to lead the singing. Several musicians (John Reynolds, Gene Taylor, etc) are usually glad to oblige. You can also ask a storyteller to do his or her thing. Star-related stories and ghost stories are good.

  2. There is a supply of metal marshmallow sticks on the island, which will be provided upon request from Conference Services. In the past,we have used wooden sticks, @ 3’ long. The Pels collect sticks at the beginning of the summer, and ASI brings sticks and leaves them. But you may want to bring some out from the mainland to be sure you're covered. Two foot sticks are too short and children get too close to the fire, and they should not be pointed, for obvious reasons. If you soak the sticks in sea water for 5 minutes, they won't catch fire.

  3. Ask at least two people to guard the rocks and shoreline to keep kids out of the water!

  4. If you want song sheets you should arrange for a star musician to make copies on the mainland and bring them. Consult Gene Taylor at if you think you want song sheets. Gene would either get them for you, or would know which musicians he should contact.

You may need to bring something to start the fire with - ie matches. Also, Scissors to open packages, and something to put open packages of graham crackers

Last reviewed by Kathy West - June 2018