All Star II 2007

Saturday, July 7, to Saturday, July 14, 2007Chairs: Tom and Julie Fenn, Lexington, MA

Important, Sad News

Tom Fenn -- Wednesday June 27, 2007, 8:23pm

Julie and I are heart broken to report that about 1 hour ago, I received a call from Joe Watts, the Island Conference Center Director who informed me that the State and Rye Fire Marshall's have closed Star Island until August. Apparently there have been a number of fire code violations for sometime which have not been rectified. I can't tell you how we feel at this time having to send these words out to you. We will be calling all of you shortly, but we wanted to get this notice off to you as soon as possible so as to assist you in any changes in you vacation plans.

Introduction to the 2007 conference

Our guest speaker, Peter H. Fenn, political media consultant, will discuss current political affairs and explore the process of the political commercial and its varied affects on the voter. Our speakers Conferees will have the opportunity to develop a political campaign commercial for the up-coming Presidential Election. Mr. Fenn is President of Fern Communications Group (www.fenn-group.com) in Washington, D.C., which has served as media advisors to Fortune 500 companies, advocacy groups and political candidates. Fenn Communications Group has been active in every state in the nation and has also produced media for a number of international campaigns: Russia's constitutional and parliamentary elections, Nicaragua's presidential election, and Colombia's Presidential election. Peter also teaches at George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management, and is a frequent guest and co-host on MSNBC, CNN, Fox and CNBC. He can be seen regularly on Saturday mornings on MSNBC opposite Pat Buchanan.


The Reverend Susie Phoenix is our minister of the week. Well known to the Isles of Shoals, Rev. Phoenix began attending All Star II as a small child with her parents. She is Interim Minister at the First Congregational Church of Lee, Massachusetts and has dual standing as a UU and UCC minister.

-- Tom and Julie Fenn

The Isles of Shoals a place where everlasting friendships and memories are born. A few small islands with a history that goes back to the New England Indians and to Captain John Smith, who named them in 1614, to pirates and sturdy fishermen, to artists and poets. A history hardly known to the public, but well known and cherished by those who will come back again and again, year after year. A place where generations date back to the gardens of Appledore and from which the seeds have spread to our hearts and souls of present conferees of Star Island's All Star II. One short spiritual week to reconnect with ones self, family and friends, full of varied activities ranging from searching for the treasure of pirates, to the great people hunt. Come and enjoy a week planned for the young and the old, the athletic and the studious, the energetic and the reserved, the loud and the quiet, the artist and the musician, and for all those in between. A week of "talks on the rocks", children's groups for all ages from new-born to 18, candle light chapels, theme defined morning lectures, marshmallow roast, children and adult talent night, and the famous Pelican show.Theme: Politics and the Political Commercial; Getting The Message Out