Adult Farewell Party

Number of People: 1, plus several helpers

Budget: $50

This job entails organizing the festivities that start late Friday night after New Chairs' chapel and running into early Saturday morning, for adults who wish a fun-lovin' farewell to Star. It is usually held in Newton because of the size of the crowd and proximity to refrigeration. This job requires multiple people; you should have at least one volunteer to organize the music, and at least four to help you clean up at the end of the night.

In the past, the question has arisen as to whether or not to have this party be alcohol-free. In 1994 and 1995 it was alcohol-free and teens were allowed to come. The front room of Newton was turned into a coffee house, with checkered tablecloths and candles in colored glass jars obtained from Conference Services; attendance was rather low, and teens attended their own party. In 1996, it went back to being an "adults-only" party where everyone donates their leftovers and alcohol is allowed. It's been that way since.

More recently, the front room has been set up for a live band and/or recorded music for dancing, with food and conversation in the back room near the kitchen. Additional musicians often set up in Parker for folk singing. Check with the Adult Farewell Party Music organizer about the music.

Leftovers from Social Hour will be available, if there are any. Check with the Social Hour Food organizer to see what they are likely to have available, and to manage the handover of the kitchen key on Friday night. Remind conferees (via mealtime announcement) to contribute whatever food and booze they have left over. There is now an ice machine in Newton so you don't have to buy it from the Snack Bar.

Your budget should go towards providing some soda, mixers, and maybe a few munchies. Examples of past purchases: 5-6 (2-liter) bottles of coke, ginger ale, seltzer. and tonic; cups, small plates/bowls; trail mix; chips and salsa. Please do not order food from Conference Services, even though this means you'll need to transport soft drinks to the island.

People tend to linger on at the Farewell Party, so feel free to close up shop around midnight. Make sure the cleanup volunteers are present and organized. Once Newton is cleaned up and the kitchen has been locked, the key should be returned to Night Crew at the Front Desk. Note that under no circumstances can any alcohol be left lying around. Anything left over at the end of the night must be poured down the drain, brought home, or else delivered in person to someone from the next conference.

Checked by Kathy West - June 2018