Adult Art Sessions Instructor

Number of People: varies

Budget: $0

Adult art is a very popular pursuit during All Star II. In the past, art workshops have included: watercolor painting, jewelry-making, drawing, making Moravian paper stars, working with pastels. Fine art as well as craft workshops are welcome. Workshops have mainly been one session, however two sessions by the same volunteer, in the same media with the same participants has also been done.

Workshops generally include an element of instruction in using the medium and an opportunity to explore the technique(s) introduced. Instructors are expected to communicate with the Adult Art Coordinator before arriving on Star Island to schedule a time for the workshop, and discuss the number of spaces for the workshop.

Adult Art Instructors are expected to supply all materials forl participants. There is no conference budget for this activity. If needed, instructors should expect to recoup any expenses from participants. If you would like participants to contribute materials fees, please communicate with the Coodinator to make sure that this is made clear on the sign up form.

Last Edit Kathy West June 2018