2007 Boat Letter

2007 Boat Letter



Yes, this is it. The Letter we all get, but nobody reads!! This is the letter that describes everything you’ll want and need to know about preparing for All Star II this year. EVERYONE should read it - even if you think you know it all, we urge you Old and New Shoalers to review it. There are some new items in it. If not, just let us know of the spelling errors and grammar catastrophes.


First, this year, don’t forget to bring a baby picture of members of your family for display. Next, Don’t miss the HOODIE/T-SHIRT Order!! Do it quick! E-Mail Suzy Binzel at as2tshirts@hotmail.com or call her at # 262-857-7725 with your order. This year if you don’t get your order in by June 12th, you will not be able to order one on the Island nor buy one of the extras (there won’t be any) on the Island.

So, therefore, we are continuing the tradition of having a custom designed, (this year by Kelsey Fenn) All Star II 2007 Tee shirts, long and short sleeves and hoodies!!!, and available for purchase only before you get on the Island. You can look at the design and get further information on our website (www.allstar2.gurus.com). Please note the design shows all the available colors, the front of the shirt has the 3 sea gulls and “Isles of Shoals” and the back of the shirt has the 3 sea gulls and “We Will Come Back”. Again, you must order before JUNE 12th, so email Suzy Binzel by with your order details at as2shirts@hotmail.com Make sure your kids and teenagers know about them too.

Also, bring something for the Art Auction. Of course you can always do the work on the island but you could also bring something with you that you've drawn, painted, or made in prior years. Proceeds from the Art Auction help support the Ginny Levine Shoalership Fund, which is used to bring shoalers to Star who might otherwise be unable to come. THIS IS A TRULY WORTHY CAUSE!!!!!

Also, don’t forget any extra food, and drink you brought with you is a welcome addition to the tradition of a “cleaning out the cupboards” type of Adult Farewell Party. Conferees bring snacks or drinks that they have brought to the island and have not consumed; please bring to the Adult Farewell Party. This lightens the return luggage and helps the All Star II budget.


First, please remember that each person is allowed one bag of not more than 50 lbs., one carry on and (if need be) one musical instrument. Now what to pack; This is NEW ENGLAND AND GLOBAL WARMING IS HERE. We hope for Sun, Shorts, Sandals and T’s. But, be prepared to “enjoy” a variety of weather; rain, wind and snow (just kidding about the snow, but who knows, we just want to see if your reading this).

Think layers since the days usually start out cool, may get quite warm by early afternoon and cool down at night. Sweatshirts, long pants, warm socks and windbreakers are necessary. Unfortunately, rain gear can also be helpful but sunscreen, swimwear and beach towels are also useful. Water temperature is chilly but those early morning "polar bears" are a hardy, determined lot! The island is rocky, so sneakers and sturdy shoes are best. Bring enough clothes to last a full week. But remember that you can wear the same clothes over and over again (you may loose your friends by Friday however). After all, we maybe lucky enough to get two showers (Tuesday and Friday) during the week! Star is a casual place but on Banquet Night people do "dress up" a bit, so at least one nice outfit is suggested.

Island rooms have no locks so leave your valuables at home. Bring a flashlight as the uneven terrain makes walking at night tricky. The electrical service is very limited so do not bring appliances with heating elements - their use is strictly forbidden in your bedroom. Outlets for hair dryers are available only in a few bathrooms (i.e. basement of Oceanic).

Sports activities are available "Star Island" style so bring your tennis racket, softball glove, and a Frisbee. There are a few rackets, bats and gloves available for common use. Musical instruments that you enjoy playing are always welcome. The All Star II conferees are a very musical group, with lots of singing and chances to play your musical instrument. So bring your guitars, harmonicas and washboards.

Most shoalers look at their week on Star as a chance to get closer to the natural world. Spend a week without cell phones, laptops, game-boys, Walkmans, mp3 players etc. You can do it! While frowned upon, cell phones may be used in your own rooms but there are no hookups for checking e-mail on island, nor facilities for fax sending or receiving, except in extenuating circumstances (the island has only two phone lines which are linked to the mainland by repeaters). Our Island Manager emphasizes that our week at Star should be a retreat and a break from most technology.

The ferry ride is about a 30 minute ride, usually smooth but not always. If you need it, make sure you bring your motion sickness pills.

Finally, think of Star Island as wilderness experience. Take only pictures, leave only shoe prints. Whatever you bring in, plan to carry it out. This applies especially to food/drink bottles or cans you may have brought. Recycle your empties in Portsmouth or at home.



Now the hard part - all of the above must be consolidated, securely packed and not weigh over 50 lbs. because Pelican luggage handlers will not load anything over 50 pounds. This year bags will be weighed. If over 50lbs. you will have to leave it or empty to 50lbs. You are allowed only one 50lb. bag, one carry on and one musical instrument. So if you have a camera bag and a backpack, pack it together into one carry on bag. Bags with wheels and metal frames start off heavy so use duffel bags. Our new ferry service, with smaller boats, requires that we practice wardrobe restraint! ONE bag per person limit! Keep in mind the safety of luggage handling crews and be aware that luggage will be passed on and off the boat and over railings. Loosely packed items run the risk of being dropped in the water during handling. Carry-on luggage is limited to what will fit on your back, under the seat or in your lap.

ALL luggages must be labeled with your name, address & phone number before you arrive at the dock. Duffle bags are the preferred form of luggage (no garbage bags or paper bags please). All bags must be securely closed since cargo nets may be used to move your baggage. Put any valuable items and anything you can’t live without such as glasses, medicines, contact lenses, etc. in your carry-on luggage.


From the NORTH: From 95 South, take NH Exit 5, staying in left lane for the Portsmouth Traffic Circle. Exit Circle to Rt. 1 South. Turn left onto Elwyn Road . Follow Elwyn Road until it intersects with Rt. 1-A at Foyes Corner. This is a 3-way stop, go straight through onto Rt. 1A, follow until you come to Rye Harbor, approx. 7 miles.

From the SOUTH: Take 95 North to Exit 2 (Hampton Toll Booths) onto Rt. 101 East for 0.5 miles. Take exit 13, turning right onto Rt. 27 East. Follow to the ocean, turn Left onto Rt. 1A and follow all the way to Rye Harbor, approx 5 miles.

From the WEST: From Rt. 101 East to Exit 12 (North Hampton/Rye). Exit left onto Rt. 111 East. Follow Rt. 111 East until the end and turn left onto Rt. 1A North, follow Rt. 1A North to Rye Harbor, approx. 3 miles.

BY BUS: The Greyhound terminal in downtown Portsmouth is the closest to the dock. To reach Greyhound, call 800-231-2222 or see www.greyhound.com. Also Concord Trailways Bus Service, call 800-258-7111, www.cjtrailways.com. It is a cab ride to the Rye Harbor Dock. A1 Taxi, 603-427-1000; Anchor Taxi 603-436-1888; Blue Star Taxi, 603-436-2774; and Pioneer Taxi, 603-431-7600.

BY PLANE: Scheduled flights into Boston's Logan Airport. Concord Trailways serves most terminals at Logan Airport and goes to Portsmouth, as does Flight Line Airport Express, 800-245-2525 and Seacoast Airport Services, 866-431-1580. Manchester Airport in NH is about a one-hour drive to Portsmouth.


Think of Star Island as a special place that tries to pampers its conferees and tries to make a confusing process as easy as possible for everyone. Sometimes errors are made or problems occur, but keep in mind that we are all in this together, we are all on vacation, and it sure beats working, so patience and random kindness goes a long way. Believe me, if you’ve made it this far, you and your luggage will, at some point, get to the Isles of Shoals!

1) Once you arrive at Rye Harbor, check in with a parking attendant. The attendant will have a conference list to confirm that you are going to Star Island and will then direct you to the Star Island parking area where Pels will be waiting to give check-in and parking instructions. You will be informed as to what to do with your luggage, and take your carry-on bags (with those items you can’t live without) with you to the boat.


The fee for parking is $10 per vehicle, per day ($80 for Sat. to Sat.). If you are parking at the dock in Rye on the first day of your conference, your vehicle must be parked in the designated Star Island parking area, as directed by Island Staff. If, for any reason, your car must be parked outside of the designated parking area, you must report to the Pelican on duty to receive further instructions (including what to do with your keys). Vehicle owners who park their car outside the designated parking area but don’t check in with the Pelican on duty will have their vehicles towed at their own expense. The Star Island Corporation assumes no responsibility for cars parked in the designated Star Island parking lot.

If you are arriving on a day other than your conference start date, you must check in with the Rye Harbor parking attendant to receive instructions about where to park. Then immediately upon arrival on Star, you must check in with the front desk staff.

2) There are no Boat tickets. Your boat fare will be added to your room and board bill. Even if you come to the island not using the conference boat, you will be charged the round trip fee per person based on your registration. Round trip, including taxes, is $39 for passengers thirteen years (13) and older, and $28 for children age three (3) to twelve (12). Children under three are not charged. Your name will appear on a boarding list and you will get a hand stamp to serve as your ticket to board the conference boat. (If you require boat transportation other than the Sat. arrival and Sat. departure, you must make your own arrangements with the “Uncle Oscar” at 603-964-6446, www.uncleoscar.com).

3) AND NOW MOST IMPORTANT, pick up your name tags from Katy Weeks. Put them on and don’t take them off, even in the shower, until you return to your car the following Saturday!

4) Now, get a copy of the DOCKSIDE POST from Jim and Lee Blue. Have a coke and a hot dog and relax reading the latest Island and All Star II news. Look for any changes to Saturday’s schedule in the Post. Meet and greet new and old friends and get on the boat!

5) Well, keep your fingers crossed as your luggage will be unloaded and delivered to your room on island, hopefully safe and sound. However, the Star Island Corporation is not responsible for replacement or repair of conferee luggage lost at sea or damaged in transport.


First Boat (A-1)

    • 12:00pm ARRIVE at Rye Harbor

    • Drop off luggage and park

    • Pick up name tags & Dockside Post

    • 1:30 pm BOARD & Be checked in by Boat Liaisons Mary Ellen Mellon and Irene Flint

    • 1:55 pm BOARDING STOPS *** NO exceptions ***

    • 2:00 pm DEPARTURE

    • 2:30 pm Arrive at Star Island

Second Boat (A-2)

    • 2:00 pm ARRIVE at Rye Harbor

    • Drop off luggage and park

    • Pick up nametags & Dockside Post

    • 3:15 pm BOARD & Be checked in by Boat Liaisons Candace Erickson and Bonnie Smith

    • 3:25 pm BOARDING STOPS **** NO exceptions ***

    • 3:30 pm DEPARTURE

    • 4:00 pm Arrive at Star Island


WELCOME, You’ve made it!!!! Register at the Front Desk in the Lobby then check the Starboard, (chalkboard with information about all conference activities) also in the lobby. If you’re not scheduled for a staff meeting, relax and enjoy the island. There will be a Saturday Hospitality on the front porch of the Oceanic to greet all shoalers with some drinks and snacks. AT 4:30 pm, EVERYONE must be in Elliot for the Mandatory Orientation. Directly following that all Children shall meet with their groups at locations to be announced at the orientation meeting and all Senior Teens, Young Adults (18-21) AND THEIR PARENTS will meet briefly with the Chairs - please gather on the porch in front of Brookfield.

A family conference means there are lots of families (parents, grandparents) and lots of kids. This conference works best when everyone is aware that the rules are there for reasons and they apply to everyone. Bedtimes and curfews serve the purpose of making sure children and teens are well rested because we all keep pretty busy during the day. Children’s boundaries are for the safety of younger children. Parents or guardians are always responsible for their children except when the kids are in morning or afternoon groups, HOWEVER ALL PARENTS HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO GET THEIR KIDS TO GROUPS DAILY OR INFORM THE GROUP LEADERS

OTHERWISE. Check in with your family members on a regular basis, at meals, over ice cream, on a walk. We recommend you enforce our family rule, the “One Meal A-Day” rule, which requires our children to eat one meal a-day with us. This should be the one week of the year that everyone has time to share with one another.


(subject to last minute changes at the whim of the Chairs, the gods or others)

    • 2:30 First Boat Arrives-check-in at the Front Desk in the Lobby

    • 3:00 Children’s Staff Meeting in Sandpiper Room

    • 4:00 Second Boat Arrives-check-in at the Front Desk in the Lobby

    • 2:30-4:30 Enjoy refreshments on the porch, Saturday hospitality

    • 4:30 MANDATORY orientation for EVERYONE in Elliot

    • 5:30 Social Hour

    • 6:30 Dinner

    • 7:30 Marshmallow Roast

    • 9:30 Chapel - Chairs - Tom & Julie

    • 10:30 Dictionary in Newton


    • 8:00 PM Nestlings & Skimmers

    • 8:30 Puffins

    • 9:00 Terns

    • 9:30 Gulls


    • 10:00 PM Jr. Teens

    • 10:30 Mid Teens

    • 11:00 Sr. Teens


There is a doctor and nurse on staff and available at all times for emergencies. Regular clinic hours are one hour before each meal. Be sure to alert the Island and Chairs of any significant change in your Health Status. And please note that under the best of circumstances, it can take almost 2 hours to transport someone from the island to the hospital.

Although there is no longer the small lobby store, they will try to carry most necessary items at the other places as the gift shop, snack bar and bookstore on island so bring some cash with you. You can cash personal checks on the Island if needed but only up to $100 total for the week. At this time credit cards are not yet approved for any expenditures so be sure to have personal checks or cash available for all expenses. Hotel bills MUST be paid by check or cash by the end of the week before you leave the island. So don’t forget your checkbook!


The conference center is staffed by a group of young people affectionately known as Pelicans. Pelicans are paid as salaried employees and gratuities are included in the conference room and board bills. There will be a box on the writing desk for those who wish to make a contribution to the Pels above and beyond their normal wages. In addition, All Star II will probably be holding a Pel Auction on Sunday evening and proceeds of this go to the Pel Club.


The island staff provides hall monitors (Pel Staff) every evening from 8 to 11 p.m. All families with one or more children under the age of 8 will have $46 added to their room and board bill to cover the cost for the monitor service. These monitors (Pel Staff) are not expected to put children to bed, change, or entertain the children. They are stationed near the children’s room to listen, to see that children are safe, and to see that parents are sent for if their children need them. The Island does not offer a private babysitting program, though conferees may approach Pelicans on an individual basis and make some private arrangement.


    • Firearms and fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited. Violators will be required to leave

the island on the next boat.

    • Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in public spaces on the Island unless such activity is

directly related to a conference-sponsored function. There will be no tolerance for alcohol consumption by anyone under the age of 21, nor illegal drug use by anyone in the 2007 All Star 2 conference and may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to being required to leave the Island on the next boat without any refund of fees, deposits or costs.

    • Oxygen or helium bottles cannot be transported on the boat.

    • Use environmentally safe products (toiletries) on the island and recycle as much as you can. If

you arrive with any bottles or cans, please leave with them even if they are empty.

    • VISITORS: The Front Desk must be notified of guests visiting conferees for a day-trip one day

in advance. Meals for these visitors must be arranged through the Conference Chairs prior to the day of arrival, and are on a space available basis. Visitors eating in the Dining Room must be signed in and are expected to pay for their meals in advance at the Front Desk.


Although everything in life seems to be getting more and more expensive (or it could mean we are just getting older and older and can’t believe how expensive things are becoming!) believe it or not, room and board fees don’t cover the cost of maintaining the island any more than conference registration fees cover the cost of running an individual conference. All of us who love and use Star Island need to contribute to the Star Island Annual Fund. Various grant and outside funding sources require a 100% participation of its members as a requirement for their funding and therefore we ask that you give something, what ever you can afford, to the annual fund. This year Dan Fenn will be once again looking for you with his hand out. Please give what you can, as there can’t be an All Star II conference without a Star Island.


We thank all you in advance for accepting your volunteer jobs. We tried to give you what you asked for from last year but it may not have worked out that way. Some may have the same job again. A true compliment to you as you did so well at it! In any event, we thank you for helping us to plan for a smooth (we hope) running week. If you get asked to help out with something else on the island, please do your best to cooperate with the volunteer organizer who asks.

We welcome back and are please to have again Scott Ward to be the All Star II Adult Music Director. Scott will direct the Adult Choir and Chorus, as well as provide music for chapels and those who may need it for Stunt Night or the Musicale.

Bring ideas for Stunt Night or the Musicale. We have several shoalers involved with these events and volunteers are always welcomed or coerced, whichever works best.

Both Breakfast and Lunch will be buffet style this year.

Unfortunately, this year, the Star Island Corporation will be enforcing a 2-week rule in that if you cancel 2 weeks prior to the start of the conference, you will be charged your full week price. If you cancel within 6 weeks of the start of the conference, Star Island Corporation will retain the room and board deposit.

Yes, we mention again the importance of your packing as this year, your bags will be counted and weighed! Remember, per person, only one 50lb bag, and one carry on and one musical instrument. Anything more and you’ll have to leave it in your car! Please don’t say we didn’t warn you! Sorry, we know it’s a pain.

This is a long letter, both to write and to read. We hope we have covered everything you needed to know. If not, please feel free to email us at as2chairs2007@aol.com with any questions you might have. We still have a number of people on the waiting list so if anyone has to drop out at the last minute, PLEASE let us know immediately so someone else can fill your slot. We look forward to greeting all of you on the pier soon! After a year of thinking, planning, matching and organizing, we look forward to seeing you in person after this long year!

Tom & Julie Fenn, As2chairs2007@aol.com