Adult Farewell Party Cleanup

Number of People: 4

Budget: $0

This job is for several brave souls who are willing to stay up past midnight on Friday to help clean up Newton after the Farewell Party. It is a "many hands make light work" kind of job; if everyone pitches in, the whole thing goes very quickly.

You will need the key to Newton Kitchen, which the Adult Farewell Party organizer should get from the Social Hour Food coordinator.

Once midnight (or so) rolls around, start cleaning up. Food that isn't obviously still being eaten should be thrown out. Anything that's still sealed (unopened bags of chips, cans of nuts, etc.) can be taken away and brought home, if anyone around is willing, or as a last resort, left behind in the kitchen or the closet for the next conference (not recommended). Opened bottles of drinks should be poured out. Unopened bottles of soda can probably be left behind.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN ALCOHOL BE LEFT BEHIND. The leftover beer kegs from Social Hour (if there are any!) need to be emptied and brought outside for pickup Saturday. Any leftover wine, beer, or hard liquor must be either poured out, taken home by an adult, or delivered in person to someone from the next conference.

The Pels will mostly clean up the kitchen for the next conference, but please make their job as easy as possible. If there are any beer spills, there's usually a mop in one of the closets between the two rooms of Newton. If the recycling overflows, pile the excess in trash bags if possible.

Once you've closed down the food and drink service and done a good solid clean-up pass on Newton and the kitchen, lock the kitchen door. If anyone is still partying in Newton, let them know that they are responsible for cleaning up after you leave.

Last edit: Ben Cordes, July 2017