Adult Social Hour
(Non-Alcoholic Beverages)

Number of People: 1 (and helpers)



• Purchase, transport (or coordinate with whomever is purchasing other Social Hour beverages) to the dock EARLY morning of conference or the evening before to the storage unit for AllStar2). The supply boat leaves as early as 7am (times may vary).

• Set up beverage table each night, usually with the guidance of the Social Hour Host/Hostess, to include a variety of seltzers, NA beers, lemonade (arranged on island with Conference Services), apple cider, soda or other drinks that do not have alcohol. Speaking with the Organizer from previous year may help guide the selection.

• Clean up the table at the end of Social Hour: bring in unused beverages and store in the Newton fridge or in a cooler with ice. A large cooler is very helpful to store beverages during the week; the large refrigerator for SH is frequently full. There is an ice machine in the back room of Newton. 

Helpful Tips:

• Contact Conference Services, even before being on Island, to indicate your needs such as a cooler and large bowls for placing cans and bottles on ice during Social Hour.... keeping the offerings separated seems to be effective. You can also submit your request for lemonade, if serving, and glasses for serving from the pitchers.

• Pels are available before and after Social Hour to assist with carrying heavy items, including tables. They also collect the container of empties and used glasses, and carry tables inside after SH.

• Request a separate container or box for the empty cans/bottles accumulated each evening. The table gets crowded with empties strewn about and they blow in the wind.

• Store a cooler underneath the table in order to replenish any beverage that gets low.

Suggested quantities:

• Seltzer was the most popular, especially when there was a wide variety to choose from (6-7 different flavors worked well) Polar was a popular brand and reasonably priced. A total of 144 cans were purchased for 2023; an additional 12 is definitely recommended. 12 pack packages are available.

• Non Alcoholic Beers were also popular, with a few brands being the most requested. The Athletic Brewing Co. produces a variety of NA beers and a few styles were well liked. Specifically, Upside Dawn, Free Wave Hazy and Run Wild went quickly; the Athletic Brewing Co. has other choices. Sam Adams Just the Haze was tried and not well liked. O’Doul’s was a known brand years ago and still requested by a couple of people (one 6 pack sufficed). Sierra Nevada has recently produced two NAs, Trail Pass IPA and Trail Pass Golden both of which have received very good reviews.

• Lemonade was enjoyed each day it was served and even requested when not available. One pitcher a day is recommended.

• Soda was not real popular but a few folks requested Diet Pepsi or Coke; regular Pepsi was added to the mix but left over at weeks end. Suggestion is a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi or Coke and a 6 pack of Regular. Soda is available at the Snack Bar during the day.

• 54 cans of NA beer were consumed in 2023. 54-60 cans are again recommended with a variety of the above mentioned,

Notes from previous organizers:

2023  (Mary Ellen Mellen): The attendance at the NAB Table was remarkable! All the seltzer was consumed plus we needed to use some generously left by AllStar1. People appreciated the variety of choices of both seltzer and NA beer. Lemonade was also consumed on the 4 days it was put out. People even congregated around/near the table occasionally. The table was placed on the left as one entered the stone village but on the flat section; the beer table was to the left of the NABs.

Since the job requires preordering and pick-up, daily set up, break down and clean up and monitoring during social hour to replenish, I recommend an assistant to share those pre-conference and on island chores. I suggest a NAB leader and assistant who will embrace the significance of the NAB availability and choices.

Last Updated by Mary Ellen Mellen, April 2024 [BC, ed.]