Number of People Needed: 2

Budget: None

Inform conferees through an announcement of suitable gravity that like-minded lexicologists will gather in the late evening (after Chapel or 10:45 p.m., whichever is earlier) and congregate into the early morning. It would be great to get this announcement into the Dockside Post so everyone will have an early notice of what fun is afoot in this frolicsome group! The purpose is to relax and laugh and allow the absurd side to assert itself. The dictionary should be in the conference storage boxes in Brookfield. These supplies can be kept in one of the closets in Newton or Marshman for the week.

Participants have brought alcoholic beverages as well as soda and snacks, and the setup has recently been in Marshman. Tim Flint (1995 & 1999) suggests that you spring for a few snacks and some soft drinks for the first night. This activity should be restricted to adult conferees only and any underage (21) participants are welcome but may not consume alcohol.

Arrange for a large supply of small, identical scraps of paper and a supply of pencils. Those materials and the participants' ingenuity will fuel some fun evenings. Ambitious scribes in the past have recorded some of the choicest efforts, and made them into a book, which is a good source of hilarity throughout the year. Some of the funniest can be submitted to The Sandpiper and/or Dockside Post next year.

Play starts Saturday evening, and last play is on Thursday evening. As the coordinator, be willing to stay up late (until midnight or 1:00 a.m. or so, usually). And may the spirit of the melonifererous, teleost parasite that ululates like the sound of an ungreased shopping cart wheel be with you.

Last edited by Kathy West - June 2018