All Star II 2006

Saturday, July 8, to Saturday, July 15, 2006

John and Sara Lutterbie, Chairs

A week on Star gives us time for spiritual, physical, and intellectual fulfillment as we meet new people, rediscover a simpler way of life, and learn how to carry a bit of Star with us for the rest of the year. Adults may attend the morning lecture series as well as afternoon ‘Talks on the Rocks’.

Children (infants through 18) experience a daily program that includes art, music, and nature. We sing, laugh, and worship, play volleyball, tennis, and softball, and participate in unique Star Island traditions including polar bearing, Chanticleering, the Great People Hunt, candlelight services, and Dictionary. There is always time to rest, relax, and reconnect with family, old friends, and the beauty of the island. Join us.


Minister of the Week

Frank Myers, professor of political science, received his PhD at Columbia University before joining the faculty of Stony Brook University on Long Island. His major fields of interest are political rhetoric, British politics, political theory and philosophy. He has been a member of the UU Fellowship at Stony Brook since 1972, but his connection to Unitarianism goes back to 1956 when he and his wife were married in the Unitarian Church in Berkeley, California.Theme: Political rhetoric and policy change

Prof. Myers will examine how politicians persuade us of the need for major reversals in policy which will affect the course of their presidency. Examples will come from speeches by Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and George W. Bush among others.

Rev. Alison Cornish serves two congregations on Long Island: the UU Fellowship of Bellport, and the UU Congregation of the South Fork. She came to ministry from a varied background. During the 20 years following her graduation from Wellesley College in Massachusetts, she worked in architecture and historic preservation, including a summer as archivist at Vaughn Cottage on Star Island. She was equally comfortable wearing a hard hat on site or advocating for preservation in community council rooms.The experience of advocacy and working with volunteers and non-profit organizations connects readily to ministry, and to the Rev. Cornish's ability to serve her congregations’ needs for community, caring, ritual, spiritual growth, and social justice.