All Star II 2001

Saturday, July 7, to Saturday, July 14 2001

Chairs: Craig Allshouse & Bonnie Smith

Speaker: Briant "Mike" Lee on "Theater in Our Lives"

Minister of the Week: Rev. Rebecca Cohen


Dr. Briant Hamor "Mike" Lee, retired Professor of Theatre History and Comparative Drama at Bowling Green University in Ohio, discussed "Theatre in Our Lives." He has studied at several universities including Academia Degli Belle Arti in Rome and holds a Ph.D. from Michigan State University. He has acted in, designed, directed, and written/adapted over two hundred plays, and his articles have appeared in various theatre publications including Empirical Research in Theatre, which he edited and published for over five years. Both he and his wife, Nancy, are accomplished Scottish bag pipers, playing with a variety of groups in northwest Ohio, as well as any production of Brigadoon within easy commuting distance! Among the issues that he explored were drama as entertainment and enlightenment, the superiority of comedy or tragedy, and controversy in the theatre. Through lectures, media presentation, limited performance, and some group participation, Mike led us in a reconsideration of "live" theatre today.

All-Star II Fabulous Volunteers and Staff

  • Conference Chairs: Craig Allshouse and Bonnie Smith

  • Minister of the Week: Rebecca Cohen

  • Speaker: Briant "Mike" Lee

  • Treasurer: Phil Hurzeler

  • Wa Master: Margy Levine Young (Wa: Harmony, balance in all things; formerly "Troubleshooter")

Children's Staff

Coordinators: Joni Lipton and Stephanie Hubbard

  • Nestlings: Betty Sue Lentz

  • Skimmers: Sue Barry, Norman Wright

  • Puffins: Jonathan Rawle, Kathy Rawle

  • Terns: Maureen Kellman, Ronde Bradley

  • Gulls: Sally Russell, Jordan Young

  • Jr. Teens: Britt Cryer, Alan Finkelstein

  • Mid-Teens: John Lutterbie, Sara Lutterbie

  • Sr. Teens: Rodney Lowe, Kathy Martin

  • Music: Susie Phoenix

  • Art, Children's: Joni Praded

  • Art, Children's/Adult: ??

Volunteer Leaders

  • Adult Farewell Party: Roger Kellman

  • Adult Farewell Party Music: Maury Lesser

  • Adult Grand March: Jordan and Margy Levine Young

  • Adult Stunt Night: Alan Armstrong, Caroline Taylor

  • Announcements: Seth Allshouse

  • Appledore Trip: Lisa Phoenix

  • Art Auction: Mark and Wendy Lichty

  • Art Supply Coordinator: Lucy Susslin

  • Banquet Night: Cathy Cordes

  • Candlelight Services: Candace and Peter Erickson

  • Chanticleer: Joanna Foster

  • Chapel Flowers: Anne Fenn

  • Children's Afternoon Activities: Eileen and Robert Eberhart, Jennifer Blue and Rick Colby, Ellen and Sarah Eberhart, Meg and Paul Candilore, Lisa Eberhart and Toby Wood, Cameron Allshouse and Eric Zahn

  • Children's Candlelight: Britt and David Cryer

  • Children's Farewell Party: Dan Cryer and Tara Stout

  • Children's Grand March: Jordan Young, Jr.

  • Children's Stunt Night: Carolyn Cryer, Joan Dwyer

  • Clam Night: Dan Chartrand

  • Data Base Intern: Tyne Allshouse

  • Dictionary: Irene and Tim Flint

  • Ding-a-ling: Julie and Tom Fenn

  • Dockside Post: Mark Goldberg, Lin Tollefsen

  • Experts' Night: Lori Heninger and Jack Patterson

  • Field Day: Peter Mosseau

  • Fly Fishing: Peter Erickson

  • Get Acquainted/Get Dramatic: Nancy Berners-Lee

  • Golf Clinic: Mike Lally

  • Happy Hour: Lud and Sue Baldwin

  • Happy Hour Babysitting: Jim and Noni Cooper

  • Hospitality to the Speaker: David Kay and Katy Weeks

  • Luggage Line: Cameron Allshouse and Eric Zahn

  • Marshmallow Roast: Mark Doty, Sarah Doty

  • Men's Group: Karl Haslinger

  • Morning Chapel: Mary Neumann

  • Morning Coffee: Susan Binzel, Norman Wright

  • Morning Stretches: Karen Diaz

  • Musicale: Herb Foster

  • Name Tags: Lonn Braender

  • Name Tags in Oceanic: Alyce Kaplan

  • New Shoaler Hospitality: Bonnie Sylvester

  • Polar Bear Dip: Bernie May

  • Quadathlon: Michael Kaplan

  • Reflexology: Betty Sue Lentz

  • Sandpiper: Jessica Wright-Lichter

  • Saturday Hospitality: Jonas Gavelis

  • Scavenger Hunt: Ethan Brown, Randy Brown

  • Secret Shoaler: Darice Peruch

  • Softball - ASII vs. Pels: Rocky Peruch

  • Softball - Kids: Larry Davis

  • Softball - Kids vs. Moms: Doreen and Alex Stagnaro-Green

  • Starboard Scribe: Tim Berners-Lee

  • Starboard Art: Lori Heninger

  • Sunday Hospitality: Linda Lesser

  • Talks on the Rocks: David and Mary Ellen Mellen

  • Teens' Farewell Party: John and Simon Lutterbie

  • Theme Lunches: Pat and Phil Hurzeler

  • Tournaments: Brian Lipton

  • Volleyball: Rebecca Flint

  • Websters: Ben and Tara Cordes

  • Welcoming Parties: Ben and Tara Cordes

  • Whale Watch? Bruce Oswald

  • Women's Group: Mary Haslinger

  • Writing Workshop: Maureen Kellman

  • Yoga (late a.m.): Alison Barrows Ronn and Matt Ronn