Children’s Candlelight

Number of People: 1 or 2

Budget: $0

The Children's Candlelight is a great time for kids of all ages to experience the "magic" of a candlelight service. The service will be early enough for most children to participate -- yet late enough for at least dusk conditions (usually 7:30). Midweek is usually best. Either do the service yourself, or ask some people to help. You should line up Adult or Senior Teen helpers to aid with carrying lamps, ringing the Chapel bell (needs to be rung slowly, check with Pels) etc. Make sure that Conference Services knows when the service will be held so that they will have the lamps ready. The service should be 20-30 minutes long and geared towards people ages 5 and up. Adults often attend this service and should be encouraged to do so. If you need music, contact the Island Music Director or plan to bring books, music on a phone or CD and/or art supplies.

Last Reviewed by Kathy West - June 2018