Adult Stunt Night

Number of People: 2–3

Budget: $0

Adult Stunt Night is a talent show by and for the conference, held one evening late in the week in Elliot for access to the stage and occasionally the piano. You will need at least one person to MC the event (or do it yourself) and at least one person to handle opening and closing the curtain. Aim for a one-hour show with roughly ten acts (or a few more, if they're short). You definitely want to finish before Chapel (9:30), especially if it's the same night as Senior Teen Chapel. 

Put in an announcement early in the week asking for performers. You can either put a sign-up sheet on the Writing Desk or have people ask you personally to be added, but you should make sure to speak with every performer at some point. Be as inclusive as possible! Don't turn anyone down, so long as their act follows these guidelines:

Traditionally, there has been a "roast" sketch (which is always last in the program) written in honor of the speakers (and/or the chairs). If you decide to make this happen you'll need to find volunteers who are willing to go to all of the lectures and write, direct, rehearse, and perform a comedy skit during the week. In some years, these volunteers will find you; in others, you may struggle to find any at all. It's fine to poke fun at quirks or notable mannerisms, but be kind – remember that this is supposed to be fun!

Advice from former coordinators:

last update: Ben Cordes, July 2023