Adult Stunt Night

Number of People: 2

Budget: $0 (may need to make copies at the business center - possibly a small charge for this)

Adult stunt night is held one evening late in the week (usually Thursday night). Needless to say, you should use your knowledge of All Star II personalities and island lore. The event is held in Elliott because of the stage and piano. It is scheduled before Chapel (10:00) so try to streamline acts so that Chapel is not delayed; it will usually be Senior Teen Chapel night so we do not want Chapel to start late.

Introduce yourself as early in the week as possible (during announcements). Urge people to let you know if they want to do a skit or other act. During the week, you may want to announce the Stunt Night once or twice, reminding aspiring performers to speak to you. People may well appear at the last minute. They wait! Don't turn anyone down, but emphasize that performers should hold themselves to a designated time period (4 minutes) as well as some degree of professionalism and preparedness. You should see each act ahead of time and make any necessary corrections, suggestions or deletions if necessary. Storytelling is not encouraged. Adult Stunt Night does not mean adult material. Remind performers if necessary that this is a family conference and children will attend.

The last act is always a spoof on the speaker. Make sure the Chairs have "warned" the speaker about this. Organize a committee to write and act in the spoof. This segment requires writers to go to the lectures so they know the speaker's personality and idiosyncrasies. It's best to have one person in charge with several writers. The leaders should sit in to ensure the writers get off to a good start. You should organize a committee of at least 5 or 6 to write. The writers generally find people to act in the spoof. Past/likely coconspirators include Allen Armstrong, Roger Kellman, Rodney Lowe, Dave Kay, Katy Weeks, Lydia Spitzer, Lee and Jim Blue, Irene Flint, Lin Tollefson, Lucy Susslin. John Lutterbie and Lud Baldwin have been directors. Make sure that the writers get recognized since by necessity this is a secret thing and their names do not appear on any conference lists.

Appoint a good MC or do it yourself. Find at least one curtain puller. The MC may have to announce firmly when it is bedtime for Terns and Gulls. The kids love a show, but they love to stay up late even more. The Mid and Sr. Teens may perform. Junior Teens are to be told (firmly) that they are needed in Childrens' Stunt Night. Young adults are a great addition to the show. Make a list of the acts and give it to the MC. If an act requires scenery, make sure the preceding act takes place in front of the curtain. Let each performer know who precedes him or her in the line up. Each act should get on and off without making the audience wait. Appoint a curtain-puller and have a stage crew available for set changes. Senior Teens are very good at this type of thing, but if it's Thursday night, the Sr. Teens have their chapel. HAVE FUN!!!

Checked by Kathy West - June 2018