Conference Music Director (Staff)

Number of People: 1

This is a staff position.

Budget: $50 (for printing costs: Negotiate with the Chairs)

The Conference Music Director will work primarily with adult groups in the conference. All Star 2 being a very musical conference wants to have a Music Director who is available for chapels, both Sunday morning and evening (if needed), and want a quality conference chorus as well as support for Stunt Night and the Musicale.

Prior to 2004, this was the job of the Island's Music Director.

The expectations for the job are:

  1. Lead the conference choir

  2. Offer accompaniment to anyone for "Stunt Night" and "Musicale"

  3. Offer music for all candle light services (usually 3-4 out of six)

  4. Coach special ensembles

  5. Accompanied music for Banquet night (this is typically no longer done, but maybe it'll return some day)

  6. Provide music for the Sunday service

The Musical Director might also be willing to:

  • Offer an organ demonstration/concert on the chapel organ for a "Talk on the Rocks"

  • Accompany the youth performers for kids stunt night

  • Lead a late night sing a long or two of Broadway tunes. (I have lot of music.)

  • Lead a sing along at the Friday party.

This is a paid position, but we realize it is also a holiday for the Conference Musical Director. Expectations of time commitment are roughly equal to those working on the Children’s Staff.