All Star 2 - 2015

All Star 2 - 2015

Conference Chairs

Nancy and Gene Taylor, 300 Penn Street Doylestown, PA 18901,

“Life Stories: Creative Adventurers, Adventurous Creators”

“Life Stories: Creative Adventurers, Adventurous Creators”

Theme Speaker: Novelist Tim Weed travels widely as a featured expert for National Geographic Expeditions and teaches in the MFA writing program at Western Connecticut State University.

He will explore the lives of several of history’s most fascinating pioneers and adventurers: men and women who explored little known geographical regions and/or pushed the envelope of artistic, scientific, and creative endeavor, in the process contributing in a meaningful way to humanity’s understanding of the world. Using his own extensive travels as a featured expert for National Geographic as background, Tim will also talk about his life as a contemporary writer and give a book talk about his newly released historical novel, Will Poole’s Island. It is recommended (but not required) that everyone purchase and read the book in advance of the conference.

Tim Weed is the winner of a Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Award, and his collected stories have been shortlisted for the New Rivers Press Many Voices Project, the Autumn House Fiction Prize, and the Lewis-Clark Press Discovery Award. Tim’s essays and articles, mostly on travel, the outdoors, and the writing craft, have appeared in national magazines including The Morning News, Cross Country Skier, Backcountry, Northern Woodlands, Writer’s Chronicle, and National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog. Based in Vermont and Nantucket, Tim teaches for GrubStreet in Boston and in the MFA Writing program at Western Connecticut State University. His professional career has taken him to more than twenty-five countries and every continent except Antarctica, and he is currently a featured expert for National Geographic Expeditions in Cuba, Spain, Patagonia, and Tierra del Fuego. Read more about Tim and his recently released debut novel, Will Poole’s Island, at

Minister of the week

Rev. David H. Messner is the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah. He is in his third year of settlement and as a transplanted Southerner. A life-long UU, he loves church and the interactive process of discovery and creation that it represents. His ministry is committed to growing both religious commitment and community. His family is great lovers of Star. He first came to Star about 30 years ago as a youth and then returned as a family to the LOAS conferences.

David’s prior professional life was in management consulting, corporate strategic planning and international partnership development. He worked on building businesses and bringing medicines to market in several life science companies, including Eisai, Pfizer and Bausch & Lomb. He earned his Master's in Divinity from the University of Chicago with an emphasis on theology and religious ethics, his MBA from Yale University with concentrations in strategy and organization and an undergraduate degree in psychology from Reed College. He is currently a Graduate Fellow in Religion at Emory University, continuing studies in the field of ethics and society, his scholarly interests include the way institutions shape individual moral choice.

David and his wife, Jennifer, have two children and a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. They all love food, travel, the outdoors and books. They live on Skidaway Island on the coast of Georgia.

Choir Director

Joining us for a second summer as choir director is Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger from the UU Church of Concord, New Hampshire.

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Boat schedule: Depart Portsmouth, N.H. aboard the Thomas Laighton on Saturday, July 11 at 2:25 p.m. Depart Star on Saturday, July 18, at 8:45 am. (Times subject to change.)

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