Candlelight Services Flashlights

Number of People: 10

Budget: $0

As of 2018 the path to the chapel has been significantly improved for those with mobility issues and all of us who want to avoid tripping on rocks in the dark. Where once we needed about 5 flashlight holders per night, now we may not need as many. This year the coordinator will need to check out and possibly experiment with fewer flashlight holders, and determine whether any flashlight holders are needed, given the solar lighting along the path.

The coordinator should bring a few extra good strong flashlights, plenty of spare batteries, and spare bulbs. The coordinator will arrange with the helpers which nights they will assist in lighting the dangerous sections of the path before and after Evening Candlelight Services. We still anticipate needing some helpers each night, unless the solar lighting seems sufficient - the coordinator should make sure to arrange for a helper or two early enough on Saturday for that evening's service!

The helpers are there to light the path for the candlelight procession up to the Chapel. The coordinator and the helpers should show up at 9:45 on the Oceanic Front Porch before the Service starts. The coordinator will show any new helpers which sections of the path need to be lit. Once the service ends, the helpers need to be in place to light the path again for the procession back to the front porch.