Saturday Afternoon Hospitality

Number of People: 2

Budget: $0 – (The Chairs place this order with Conference Services)

Make a celebration out of our arrival by serving juice and cookies on the front porch after the arrival of the boat at 3:00PM. If possible, a large welcome sign is nice, to celebrate our arrival. You will need to take the 7:00AM boat out to the Island on Saturday morning. Be sure you let the chairs know you want to be on the boat list for the 7:00AM boat, so they can let ISSC know. This means you get extra time on the Island, but it also means an early morning. If you are not local, you may need to stay overnight in a hotel in Portsmouth.

If you would like to hand out special snacks or other items to each shoaler as they come off the boat, you should get those together in advance. Neither this, nor the welcome sign is required, but it does add a nice touch.

When you get to Star, hang your sign if you brought one and enjoy your morning.

Conference services will provide water, juice and snacks (usually cookies), if they don't have them out yet by 2:30, you should go to the front desk to remind them. Often there is a Pel or two to staff the table, but be ready to be at the drinks and snack table if there is no Pel there.

Welcome people to the island and give them a treat and/or a hug as they walk up the path.

Offer to help the Pels clean up the drinks and snack table before the Orientation (Fire and Water) meeting.

Last edited by Kathy West (with input from Bonnie Smith) June 2018