Number of People: 10-12, including a Ding-a-ling Captain

Budget: $0

The Ding-a-lings are in charge of ringing the porch bell throughout the day to alert people to the starts of various activities. When shared with a sufficiently large and good humored (even boisterous) group of people, this job is not too onerous (and even enjoyable). Just add a little humor and consider yourselves “dingalings” for a week. The team of Ding-a-lings will be coordinated by the Ding-a-ling Captain to divide the week in ways that make sense for everyone.

The position was created in 1983 because Fred McGill could no longer provide this service. As Ding-a-ling, you are asked to ring the bell on the porch at times designated by the Chairs. The Dining Hall Hostess sees to ringing the bell for meals. The ringer does not have to be strong, but must be reliable and punctual. Many of us abandon our watches for the week and depend on the bell for time. Ask the Chairs for a schedule for each day that indicates when they want the bell rung.

Suggested times are:

  • Start of Children's Groups

  • Start of any important scheduled event

  • Pre-teen bed times

  • Chapel

Announce the ringing of the bell by saying "Bell" loudly (to warn those sitting nearby). Ring the bell just once, rather than multiple gongs, which would be an indication of a fire alarm. You may line up other reliable folks to help if you cannot or do not want to be on the porch so often. Bring ear plugs from home, and wear a watch! This is a great activity to share with children strong enough to pull the bell cord effectively. Be sure to share it among as many kids as you can - share the wealth of fun, excitement and participation that this activity can provide.

Last reviewed by Kathy West - June 2018