Adult Social Hour

In 2003 the Social Hour Organizer role was split into three distinct roles: Wine, Beer (including non-alcoholic beer), and Food & Nonalcoholic Soft Drinks. This role is now a team of three organizers.  We are asking the Food Organizer to act as final arbiter on decisions that affect all of you, such as when to go inside in the event of rain. The Food Organizer will also be responsible for all food and nonalcoholic beverage orders, except non-alcoholic beer, which will be ordered by the Beer Organizer. Each of the three organizers (Wine, Beer and Food) are responsible for coordination and scheduling of all Social Hour Helpers. Please coordinate with the other two Social Hour Coordinators to ensure an equitable distribution of work and helpers.

Adult Social Hour is held from 5:30 to 6:25 p.m. Saturday through Friday. It is an occasion to share hors d’oeuvres and beverages while socializing. It should be encouraged and stressed as a socializing opportunity, not as a gathering to consume alcohol. The Star Island Corporation and the All Star II conference DO NOT support events that emphasize heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages or the loud, boisterous behavior that can accompany such events. Part of your job as leader and organizer of our evening social hour is to create an atmosphere that maintains a tone with which everyone is comfortable and no one is offended. Non-alcoholic beverages should be in prominent display and the serving of alcoholic beverages low key and in moderation. Logistics play an important role in establishing and maintaining this atmosphere. For instance, the first tables that one encounters should be the non-alcoholic beverages and food while the beer & wine set ups should be more peripheral. All tables should be set up on the grass area in the center of the stone village, NOT on the walkways leading up to this area. A good variety of seltzer, soda, lemonade, and fruit punch can also be attractive and further advertised with good signage.

Weather permitting Social Hour is set up outside of Vaughn Cottage (the Stone Village). Food will need two long tables (1 for nonalcoholic, and 1 for the snacks). Beer and Wine will each need one table.  Tables and wastebaskets come from Newton Center. If the weather is poor, the back room of Newton Center can be used.

Supplies for the week obviously come from the mainland, which means shopping needs to be done ahead of time. Shopping at outlets, sale items, etc. makes the money go further. With the young adults attending social hour, the food tends to go much more quickly. Seek the shopping list and other records from the previous Social Hour Organizer. Make purchases with an eye on packaging & containers. We are asked to recycle as much as we can ourselves so if we bring in bottles or cans, we should package them up & bring them off island with us on Saturday! Food and supplies need to be boxed in closed containers labeled with "Social Hour Supplies – AS II," and brought to the Portsmouth Dock between 11 and 12:30 pm on Saturday, to go out on the SIC work boat that handles the luggage. Each container may not exceed the weight limit of 40 pounds. (Note: in 2012, conferees were no longer allowed to come on the mid morning boat) Please coordinate helpers as needed for the delivery of food and beverages to the dock.  Pelicans cannot buy beer, wine or liquor for us, so if you run low, you'll have to do without or take a boat ride. 

Social Hour is fully self-supporting through donations. In the past, $5 per night has been collected. However, since 2001, we have been advised by the SIC that no specific amount may be specifically requested in reference to an event serving alcoholic beverages. By NH state law, liquor may not be sold on the island; therefore, a collection basket may not be placed on a table serving liquor, but instead on the snack table, and word of mouth carries the message. The food organizer is responsible for picking up the donations from the basket and either giving them to Tim Flint or taking them to the front desk and putting it in the safe.

Since 1994, college-age conferees (18-21) have been allowed to attend Social Hour, but they do not get any alcohol. It may be necessary to have the Chairs announce at orientation that Social Hour is for adults only. Children have separate activities and Star Island Corporation policy specifically prohibits children from areas where alcohol is being served.

Some shoalers will be given the job of “Social Hour Helper” and will receive the following description of that volunteer job:

"Every evening 4-6 people are needed to set up, serve, and clean up after the social hour which serves hors d’oeuvres and beverages during the hour before dinner. As a helper, you are asked to schedule 1 or 2 times during the week when you can report early to set up, maintain tables during the hour, and stay a few minutes late to clean up. “Seat Reserved for Social Hour Helper” signs should be available so that you can have someone reserve you a place at a dinner table (you may be 5-10 minutes late to dinner due to cleanup). If you are a lobster diner, be sure you do not sign up to be a social hour helper on lobster night. (If you are a clams lover you might WANT to sign up for that night and get a jump on clams!!!) The social hour organizers should be contacting you since they will be arranging a schedule for the week.”

This job is a huge undertaking and requires a serious commitment in planning, communication, shopping, packaging, organizing and setup. Your efforts are most appreciated. THANK YOU!

Last edited by Kathy West - June 2018