Theme Meals

Number of People: 1

Budget: $0

This task involves coming up with an idea for a theme lunch or two and publicizing it in the Dockside Post. (Ask Chairs for the “Dockside Post” Person) Successful past themes include, Royal Wedding or Kentucky Derby hats, costume lunches, birthday month tables, goofy T-shirts, language tables (French, Spanish, German, etc.) and many more. Once there was even a fancy sock lunch! Feel free to create you own idea, or recycle some old favorites. You may want an assistant to coordinate this project. It can also be useful to use the music person to play the piano if there is a parade. The theme could be around the Speaker's topic.

If you come up with an idea early on, let the chairs know (by May 24th) and they can put it in the Boat Letter so people will know to bring appropriate garb. You could also let the Starboard Scribe know the day before to remind people. Perhaps the theme can be started in the morning, especially if it is a tee shirt focus. The lunch tables could be “decorated” somehow to go along with the theme - maybe tap into the children’s art or groups for assistance?

The key to getting the most people to participate is communication, so be willing to make announcements or have the chairs announce them the day before, and be sure the Star Board Scribe knows the day before so it can be on the schedule.

Last edited by Kathy West - June 2018