Farewell Party (Nestlings, Skimmers, Puffins)

Number of People: 2

Budget: $20

There have been suggestions that the little ones are too tired to really have any fun with this party. There is a general Children's Farewell Party in Brookfield after the Children's Grant March.

Since the Children's March ends so close to bedtimes, this party has been held on Friday afternoon in the past couple of years. For an afternoon party, games should be planned ahead. Sometimes little prizes are given to all the children. These should not cost more than about $20.00 total and are cheaper if bought on the mainland. You can bring appropriate refreshments with you and be reimbursed by presenting receipts to the treasurer. Alternatively you can arrange before the conference for the Chairs to order ice cream sundae fixings and the like. Let the Chairs know about your plans for food, time and location. The lawn by Parker, or in inclement weather, inside of Parker are good locations. Issue invitations to the children and their parents. Be sure to ask a number of other parents to help you.