Talks on the Rocks Coordinator

Number of People: 1

Budget: $0

The person in charge of Talks on the Rocks needs to find five or six capable experts who are willing to talk on their respective fields of expertise up on the rocks in front of the Chapel at 1:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Check with the Chairs. Someone with a good knowledge of conferees and their professions is almost a must.

Talks on the Rocks involves the same kind of people we have on Experts' Night, but there is less opportunity for a blackboard or any other prop material. The speaker and the person in charge should realize that they will be talking for an hour or so from 1:30 p.m. with the sun in their eyes and temperatures often in the 80's and 90's. The people who attend are most courteous, but they get squirmy trying to find a comfortable position. They often ask astute questions that good speakers should be willing to answer, if possible. There is no law that requires these talks to be on the rocks, but tradition indicates that people are less likely to drift off to sleep if they are mildly uncomfortable. On rainy days these talks can be held inside Elliott or Newton Center.

Usually there is one speaker a day, starting with Monday and running through Thursday. These speakers should be introduced briefly, yet oftentimes they themselves greet the audience with a line or two that serves to get the ball rolling. Traditionally, on Thursday Dan Fenn discusses the current political climate, so please check with Dan (or the Chairs) to see if he will again be available. He has built up a considerable following and is usually happy to comply. Beyond him, look for Shoalers who can present interesting or controversial information.

The Chairs will provide a list of accepted conferees well in advance of All Star II. Then you can round up prospective speakers, maybe with one or two held in reserve for just-in-case situations. The speaker can decide whether or not to prepare with notes and rehearsals in front of a mirror or ad lib on the spot. Once the list of speakers is made up, a copy should be sent to the Chairs for listing daily on the Starboard in the lobby.

In 2012, the talks were held in the Chapel.

Last reviewed by Kathy West - June 2018