Family Photo Tree

Number of People: 3-5 plus a laptop (In 2012, we had a 'head person' and 3-4 helpers)

Supplies needed: digital cameras, laptop, blue painters tape for posting pictures, some sort of label (post it notes....or if you are really organized, you could have a photo program that can put the names directly onto the photo.) Having a conference list ahead of time was helpful as you could keep track of who had been photographed already.

Make a lot of announcements.

It is also useful to assign a person to take pictures of the children's groups as well as staff photos so they can get posted.

Starting in 2018 the conference bought a Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer. (users guide) This allows us to print the photos as we get them. The ink and paper can be purchased on Amazon Ink/Paper. One package will likely last a couple of years

It is up to the head person on how they would like to collect the photos. Taking the photos themselves or having the them sent via email or text can all work. The past couple of years we have added the names on to the photo using the photo edit on a smart phone then printing wireless to the printer.