Dockside Post

Number of People: 1 or 2 to produce it, at least two people distribute it, one at each boat. In 2008 two of us produced it, and we recruited a family to help distribute it.

Budget: $50

This is a short newspaper with a maximum length of two pages two sides each. Stick with black & white, as color is prohibitively expensive. As a precursor to the "Sandpiper" (should it exist), it is handed out Saturday on the dock in Portsmouth, and is best done as people board. In addition, place extra copies on the refreshment table on the front porch during the Saturday Hospitality. Some people may have missed the newspaper on the dock or left for the island on an earlier boat. This paper is a great way to remind Old Shoalers and to inform New Shoalers of Star Island routines and terminology. Things you should include (but also be creative!):


  1. Get your name tag and wear it always

  2. Attend the mandatory Orientation Session at 4:30 pm

  3. Read the Star Board often.


  1. The "Welcome" Social Hour is at 5:30 in Newton (kids activities on front lawn, babysitting in Children’s Barn)

  2. *** Candlelight Chapel at 9:30 ***(reassure New Shoalers that there is baby-sitting provided by the Pelicans until 11:00 p.m.) (Check all times with chairs, they may have changed them.)


  1. Boat trip to Appledore, Marshmallow Roast, (ask the chairs)

  2. Tournaments Sign-up Sunday -- start Monday

  3. Island Manager's Behind the Scenes Tour, Low Tide Walk, Geology, Low Tide, or Birding Walking Tours - all times to be announced later.

  4. Join the Polar Bear Dip at 7:00 a.m

  5. Sing with the Chanticleers! Meet at 7:20 a.m. in the Oceanic Hotel lobby on Sunday, and every day.

  6. Theme “day or lunch” - get name of Theme Lunch person from Chairs.

  7. Dictionary after evening chapel in Newton (Marshman).

  8. Include brief descriptions of activities which have been asked to be provided to you this year from the leaders of each event - particularly to familiarize New Shoalers but also to encourage involvement by all.

FOR NEW SHOALERS: Include a cheerful reminder to Old Shoalers to be friendly and helpful to them, and also a list of common Star Island phrases.

NEWS FROM STAR: Ask Chairs to tell you what the Island Manager reported to them during the winter about renovations or changes to the island, and/or include interesting tidbits of uncommon Star lore.

Keep in close contact with the Chairs to find out if there is any Star Island Corporation news that should be included. Get a list of volunteers and their assignments from the chairs and contact some of them to get a short description of their event (add this to the Chairs' job description). It may be that the list above is sufficient given the space available, but it might also be good to vary them from year-to-year. If you feel inventive, a small crossword puzzle for readers and writers of all ages is a good idea.

Print about 120 - 150 (children probably don't read them) copies. Arrive at the dock early and stand next to the name tag person to hand them out. Please make sure that a copy goes to the Chairs and the Welcoming Committee for Saturday Hospitality who will be on island already; they may want one for the archives.

Last edited by Kathy West - June 2018