Auditors are not an officers of the corporation but two concurrent auditors have elected periodically by the Trustees.

Typically, the auditors meet with the treasurer of the Conference late in the accounting cycle when most financial transactions for the year have been completed but in time to present their report at the annual fall meeting.

Since incorporation and the institution of this small audit team, the auditors have close enough to the treasurer that they have been able to gather in the treasurers home and perform the audit on site where the treasurer has his books, computer and printing equipment. It has also been the case that this proximity has allowed auditors and treasurer to sign paperwork at the bank when required.

The Auditors examine the books, procedures, documentation, spreadsheets, bank reports, invoices, receipts, registrar and chair communications and any other transactions handled by the treasurer.

After review they offer suggestions for changes to the processes that would id clarity, ease workload, and improve accuracy of the treasurer’s function.

A written report is prepared and distributed to the AS2 trustees to review before their fall meeting.

FYI Since incorporation the role of Auditor has also been filled by one of the people filling the role of Bank Signatory. This is not ideal and it is recommended that this be avoided if possible.