Clams & Mussels Night

Number of People: 2

Budget: $525 (varies with market price) to be reimbursed with fee per person.

This activity is self supporting. A charge to those partaking in clams and mussels ($10 in 2016 and 2017) covers the cost. It usually occurs Thursday at around 5:00, outside Newton.

  1. On Saturday, place a sign-up sheet on the writing desk and make announcements to tell people it is there.

  2. Shoalers must sign up by Monday noon.

    • At this point, determine if enough people have signed up to cover the cost. If not, then do not have the event, or reduce the amount of food ordered, to fit the number of people. It is possible to order whole or half bushels. The cost for one bushel of clams and two bushels of mussels in 2017 was $525 . This feeds about 60 people. Check with Conference Services by Sunday to establish the actual price. If it is $525., a charge of $10 per person would cover it as long as at least 53 people are signed up. The price per person could be variable with the number of participants and the size of the order.

  3. If enough people have signed up, meet with Conference Services on Monday to order food & paper products. They provide everything.

  4. Collect money from shoalers. Give money, once collected, to the Treasurer. Conference Services will bill the conference directly.

  5. Arrange for three (3) helpers to help serve.

Notes from other years:

Be sure that Shoalers understand the charge is for clams/mussels only and: Social Hour refreshments are a separate conribution.

In 2006--Expenses were about $500 Surplus was $5.

In 2008- Expenses were $680., surplus was $125. Jim Bradley led this event in 2008

In 2013- half bushel mussels and full bushel of clams ordered. Charged $5 for combo. Approx $200 lost.

In 2016 - Expenses were $450. Small surplus

In 2017 - Expenses for one bushel of clams and two bushels of mussels $525 and a very small deficit

Last edited by Kathy West - June 2018