Softball – Pels vs. Conferees

Number of People: 1

Budget: $0

Be sure the game is on the schedule, and that the pels know when it is. Make at least one announcement at lunch or dinner the day before the event, so everyone feels welcome to join the team.

The leader of this event should act as captain, coach, and diplomat. Winning is great - but it's not vital. All people (women and men) from Sr. Teens and up should be invited to join the team. Everyone should get a chance to play, making sure that you maintain a good mix of women and men. As leader you should make the batting order, help sort out positions, and help keep the game in a fun-loving spirit (humiliating the Pels is not a requirement - but it wouldn't hurt either). Rotate the players every couple of innings depending on how many people show up to play.

The Pelicans will go over the ground rules with you before the game. Keep in mind that the Catcher is responsible for making all fair/foul calls and safe/out calls. Make sure you assign a Catcher that will be able to serve as a part-time umpire.

Last edited by Kathy West - June 2018