Volunteer Coordinator

Contact the Star Island office to find out who the on-island volunteer coordinator is and contact them as early in the season as possible. You might not hear from them till just before you go, so you can always send a generic message about volunteering. We always can garden and there is almost always a project that the “heavy lifters” can do.

You also need to check with the junior teen and mid-teen leaders to see if they want to schedule something. You can go ahead and get on their schedule even if you don’t know what the job will be. The Island Volunteer Coordinator often does not know until the week before what the job will be. If it is something that the teens do not want to do, they can always find another way to fill their schedule.

As for the gardening, ask the Star Island Volunteer Coordinator to come to a meeting Monday am after breakfast – on the porch – to meet the gardeners and to walk around to see where the equipment is kept and to see which gardens need work. It takes about 30 minutes and after that the gardeners are on their own.

Likewise for the heavy lifters – set up a meeting to introduce the project and to find an appropriate time do the work. Monday after breakfast works for that as well.

Here is a sample of an announcement that should be sent out before conferees arrive so they can pack what they need:

Volunteer opportunities

Gardening on Star: Do you enjoying gardening? Want to spend some time this way next week while at Star? If so, you might want to pack your gloves and your favorite clippers. Other tools are available on the island (as are clippers but they are sometimes in short supply.) Let’s meet right after breakfast Monday on the porch to see the areas that need to be done. The work can be done at your leisure and your schedule.

Heavy Lifters Volunteers Needed: The Island is asking for 4-6 people who would be willing to stain the new shed building in the Resource Recovery Center. It’s probably a 3-6 hour job. If you are interested you might want to bring some old clothes for painting. Meet on the porch on Monday am right after breakfast to see what needs to be done and to schedule the work. And please send an email to ccordes@teamflow.com so Cathy can let them know if we have a crew.

Last updated by Cathy Cordes - 2015