All Star II 2002

Saturday, July 6, to Saturday, July 13, 2002

Chairs: David and Mary Ellen Mellen and Lori Heninger

Speakers: Ronald J. Young and Rev. Carol A. Jensen on "Crossing Boundaries: the Challenge of Creating Community in the 21st Century"

Minister of the week: Reverend Harold Babcock


Ronald J. Young and Rev. Carol A. Jensen will discuss "Crossing Boundaries: the Challenge of Creating Community in the 21st Century". In the wake of September 11th, do we have a different perspective on building just and inclusive communities and nations? What divides us? What can unite us? What is the role of religion in creating community? Our speakers will help us wrestle with these local and global issues. Carol is the pastor of St. John United Lutheran Church in Seattle and boardmember/chairperson of a number of Seattle neighborhood associations. Ron Young is the Director of the US Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East and author of Missed Opportunities for Peace: U.S. Middle East Policy, 1981-86, a book praised by Jewish and Palestinian American leaders, as well as by prominent U.S. policy analysts. Together, this dynamic couple will explore the local and global challenges facing diverse communities.

Speaker Bios: (PDF)

Boat letter

As always, late-breaking news will be in this year's fabulous Dockside Post! Get your copy on the dock!

Art Auction: Bring your object d' art (pictures and crafts you have created) for the Art Auction! Give yourself more time to relax on Star and bring stuff from home. This also means your work can be on display longer and raise higher bids!

Day-Tripping Friends: If friends or family are coming to visit, we know it seems petty, but we can't officially offer them meals with the conference! Consider having them bring a delicious take-out lunch from Portsmouth or the ferry, and join them for a quiet picnic far from the madding crowd. All-Star II is one of the island's fullest conferences, which means that all seats in the dining hall are reserved for conferees or island use and extra food is not prepared. Also, Star Island regulations say that visitors must leave on the 3:55 boat unless you have arranged with the chairs otherwise (well in advance, please).

Portsmouth UU Church - Bed & Breakfast: As a fund raiser, the Portsmouth UU Church is offering member homes for Star Conferees to stay at before or after your week at Star. If you are interested in pursuing this type of lodging please contact Katherine Greeley at 603-430-0969 or Sue Peterson at 207-439-9070.

Lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery: Nate Hubbard has made arrangements for All Star II folks to have lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery before catching the boat to Star. The owner will set aside a room just for us. All you need to do is email Nate at natehubz@adelphia.net if you are interested so he can get a head count and let Peter at the Brewery know.

Celia Thaxter Exhibit: There is a special exhibit of Celia Thaxter memorabilia going on at the Portsmouth Athenaeum. Although their normal hours are from 1:00 to 4:00, they have offered our group access starting at 10:00AM. The Athenaeum is located at 628 Market Square, and their phone number is 603-431-2538.