Financial Aid Application Process


The Ginny Levine Fund Committee reviews all applications as they are received and makes awards as available funds permit. Application information is shared with committee members only.

Generally, the first year you apply you can receive up to 75% of the room and board cost of a shared room, which after the room and board deposit, will generally cover most of the balance. The second year you can receive up to 50%, the third year up to 25%, and after three years you must take at least one year off. The room and board deposit is not reimbursable and is therefore not typically part of your award. We provide assistance to as many applicants as we can, but funds are limited.

Starting this year, we are using the Star Island Corporation Financial Grant Application form. When you fill it out, you can choose whether to apply only to the SIC Financial Aid program, the Ginny Levine Fund, or both. There's no reason not to apply to both; the committees coordinate their awards and you'll receive whichever award is higher. (You can't receive awards from both.)


1. First, apply to the All Star 2 Conference. Here is more information on how to do that.

2. Once you have been accepted, submit your financial aid application using this application form by April 1. Applications for financial aid that are received after April 1 will be considered based on remaining funds.

3. The GLF Chair will notify you that we received your application (usually via email).

4. The GLF Committee will review your application.

5. The GLF Chair will notify you by email of your award (if any) in March or April.  

6. On the Island, the All Star II Conference treasurer will pay the appropriate sum to the hotel, which will credit the correct amount to your bill. You are responsible for the remainder of the bill. Conference bills are available at the Front Desk on Thursday of the conference.


Ask the Ginny Levine Fund Chair:

Margy Levine Young
1042 Ridge Rd
Cornwall, VT 05753
(802) 462-9444