The Troubleshooter should be willing to be available at all times for the unexpected big or little annoyances and requests that arise in the course of the week. The purpose of the job is to free the Chairs so they can focus on scheduling and coping with their own crises. Problems that arise can be minor such as room changes and suggesting that people not save seats in the dining hall. On the other hand, we have had major problems such as threatening severe storms and teen raids on the alcohol closet in Newton. If properly prepared in a "spiritual" sense, with a relaxed attitude, this job can be almost fun rather than depressing. Originality, humor, alertness, concern - - are all qualities welcomed in the Trouble Shooter.

You will be identified at Orientation along with the Children’s Conference Troubleshooter and could carry some sort of ID such as a special hat while on the Island. The Trouble Shooter should feel free to consult with Island Staff and the Chairs on any matter and get their backing if necessary. Often many heads are better than one, and the job seems less ominous if it can be shared.

You should check in with the Chairs on the very first day and determine with them what level of interaction they want to have with the problems that may arise during the week. ie Do they wish to know about issues after they are fixed? Do they want to know about big issues as they arise?

Also, be sure to announce during orientation that shoalers should go to the troubleshooter with problems and not to the chairs.