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Saturday Afternoon Hospitality

Number of People: 2
Budget: $0 – (The Chairs place this order with Conference Services)

Make a celebration out of our arrival by serving juice and cookies on the front porch after the arrival of the 2:00 p.m. boat. If possible, a large welcome sign is nice, to celebrate our arrival. Conference Services will provide the juice and snacks, and in 2009 they help to staff the table as well.

If it is possible to come out on an early boat, please try and do that. However, in 2012 the ISSC started restricting who could come out on the 11 am boat. There are usually openings on the 7:00 boat; if you take that boat please let the chairs know so they can alert the ISSC and you can be put on the boat list. If you cannot make the 7:00 am boat, then try and be the first person/people off the 2:00 boat when it docks and be at the tables ready to great all your fellow conferees.

In 2012, the Smith/Allshouse family made a beautiful banner that was hung near the softball field. If you get there early, find the banner and restring it before the boat arrives. If you come out on the 2 pm boat, find the banner and put it up so it can be enjoyed all week. The Smith/Allshouse family also formally welcomed everyone while wearing tuxedo shirts and vests and holding out chocolates. If you can think of a fun way to put your own stamp on this job, go ahead an do it (while staying under budget, of course).