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Field Day Coordinator

Number of People: 1 or 2
Budget: $60. (about $40. of which goes to conference services for three (3) watermelons with seeds which will be ordered by the chairs)

In 2009, this is a Wednesday afternoon event and will occur during Children’s Program time.

Bring from the mainland about 100 water balloons - small ones are hard to fill although there is a faucet adapter that helps. Give the receipt to the treasurer for reimbursement.

Plan the events - best done ahead of time.

Gather supplies

  • Ribbons and pins or tape for "awards" (optional)
  • Water balloons as above
  • Ropes for boundaries: these items are in storage area in Brookfield. The bellhop must go up with you so arrange this at the desk.
  • Three sturdy plastic cartons to hold the water balloons. Request them from Conference Services on Saturday. One of those folks is available on the green bench before meals. Have them delivered to Brookfield deck or beside the front steps of Oceanic (NOT the soft ball side!!) depending on where you are located.
  • Watermelon and accoutrements need to be ordered by the Chairs. Confirm with Conference Services that the watermelon will arrive cut AND WITH SEEDS. If not, they will also need to provide you with knives. These items will magically appear if they've been ordered.
  • rope for tug of war
  • chairs
  • baseball bats
  • whistles would be helpful for getting peoples attention.
Helpers - need about 5 - the majority are Young Adults who have graduated from the Children’s Program. There are some additional adults assigned as well.
  • One or two to accompany you to the storeroom to carry down supplies
  • Four to fill the water balloons on the day of the event. Don't do this yourself unless you want to! The filling is done in the two bathrooms between the Marine Lab and Brookfield. They're placed as finished in the plastic cartons and stowed under the deck covered by the burlap sacks. The other supplies are hidden under the deck (or porch) also.
  • A couple to help with the actual events
  • A couple to guard the watermelon from marauding kids and adults. It's served near the end.
Please contact the chairs before the end of May to make sure seeded watermelon is on the Food Order List (they must submit the order before June 1st).

Be creative and have fun! Just remember to keep the pace moving along as the young ones get restless easily.