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Family Photo Tree

Number of People: 3-5 plus a laptop (In 2012, we had a 'head person' and 3-4 helpers)
Budget in 2012: Approx. $35 for developing and messenger fees. They took advantage of a new member discount at CVS by using the name of someone who wasn't already part of the system.

There was a big push to get all the photos taken by Sunday night, if possible. Having many roving photographers helped immensely. 2-3 times they would meet and put the photos on the laptop. The head person had an adapter for different size memory cards. The photos were uploaded to the CVS site and the island messenger picked them up. The photos are labeled with names and posted in the lobby.

Supplies needed: digital cameras, laptop, blue painters tape for posting pictures, some sort of label (post it notes....or if you are really organized, you could have a photo program that can put the names directly onto the photo.) Having a conference list ahead of time was helpful as you could keep track of who had been photographed already.

Make a lot of announcements and have a definite end time (ie Monday noon) for photos.

Pat Years Notes:

2010 Phil & Pat Hurzeler

We used CVS, the Internet Center, and the messenger again this year, which worked well.

We brought our own poster board and pushpins to display the photos.

We also brought blank cds, envelopes and markers so we could make up souvenir cd's with all the photos to sell at the fundraising auction. We sold five of these for $5 apiece. Also included on the cd is the conferee list (nice to have in electronic form so you can search it).

In addition to the digital camera you of course need to bring a laptop computer. For software we downloaded Picasa (free) so we could label each person's name inside the picture.

The biggest obstacle is getting families together- the kids all scatter!

While taking pictures you need to take notes so that you have a name to go with each face on each picture. Big family groups, not wearing name tags, with differing last names, and with day-hop add-ons absent from the conferee list, can make this challenging.

This is a fun job- you get to meet everybody.

Some folks asked for emailed copies... maybe to make family Christmas cards.

Budget: $--- We would like to keep it under $120

In 2006 and 2008, Tim Barmann sent digital images via internet to the CVS in Portsmouth. The finished photos were returned to Star via Pel Runner service coordinated through the Lobby Store. This proved to the the most economical way with cost coming in under $70 including the Runner fees to the Lobby Store.

Below is the old version:

The goal is to create a collection of photos showing all conferees and family groups. Each photo should be labeled with the names of the people shown in the photo. These photos are continually added to a collection in the main lobby. The purpose is to provide shoalers an opportunity to associate names and faces. Starting EARLY, on the dock, on the boat, Saturday on the porch, etc. is important. Posting photos quickly is equally important. At the end of the conference, families may take their photo home.

A few weeks before the conference, get a list of the conferees from the Chairs so you can familiarize yourselves with this year’s attendees and have a check-off list for completed photos. This will allow to more accurately estimate how much paper you’ll need.

OPTIONAL: It has almost become a tradition to create and burn CD’s containing the family photos and other island scenes with the idea of placing them for sale at the All Star ll Art Auction with profits to go to the same funds as the Auction. Making a CD for the next year’s chairs is also helpful for identifying people whose names ring a bell but don’t bring to mind a face. For this reason it is also quite important to put the names of the people in the photos on the CD.