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Early Morning Coffee

Number of People: 2 or 3
Budget: $0 (The chairs will place your order with Conference Services)

This job is for a morning person! You must make sure the early birds among us have their java, etc. Morning coffee is available on the Front Porch each day from 7:00 to 7:45 a.m. The Pelicans will bring the coffee, hot water, chocolate mix, sugar, milk, cups and spoons out. They will set up and replenish supplies as needed, but you will need to let them know when things are running low. Often there is a bit of a rush just before and just after the polar bear dip. It is good to check supplies as the polar bears are going down for their dip.

If getting up this early is hard for you, you can recruit others to get up in your stead. Your job is to make sure that someone is up and pouring! The Chairs should have ordered coffee, tea, and instant cocoa from Conference Services for you. Make sure they provide at least one pitcher of milk, at least one box of cocoa or Swiss Miss packets (the kids love it), and a sponge to mop up the table after the "kids" have spilled cocoa powder. Red plastic cups should be provided.

Line up several helpers if you can; it's often nice to be able to spell one another during the morning.

Ronde Bradley also brought a thermos of coffee to the speaker, who appreciated it! Feel free to check with the current speakers to see if they want that service.

Last update: July 2017, Phill West