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Children’s Program Leader

Number of People: 1
Budget: The Children's Program has its own budget

This volunteer job is vital to the smooth running of the Children's Program, which is vital to the smooth running of the conference. As Children's Program Coordinator, you are at what many of us see as the heart of the week -- the kids and their dedicated group leaders. Enjoy the wonderful staff and your opportunity to get to know our super kids!

Since about 1989, the Children's Program Coordinators have been confirmed early in the fall. The choice of the Assistant Coordinator is the responsibility of the Chairs. They may request recommendations of the current Children’s Coordinator for the smooth running and transition from year to year.

There is a Children's Program Coordinators' Handbook, which must be passed along and which outlines your responsibilities for the year. If you don't have it -- Holler!

The chairs will send you a schedule of the week’s activities in advance. You will need to create a schedule for the Children’s Group leaders that blocks out Field Day and includes activities such as Art Barn. Contact the Children’s Art Leaders – Stephanie Hubbard at steffhubz@verizon.net and Joni Praded at jpraded@comcast.net to schedule sessions for each group. Group leaders will schedule Marine Lab, Vaughn Cottage, and other special island activities during the Children’s Staff Meeting on Saturday afternoon.

Snacks for groups will be ordered in advance by the Chairs. They will be available for Group Leaders to pick up daily from the kitchen in Newton. Snacks will consist of apple juice, crackers, and cookies.