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Chapel Flowers

Number of People: 2
Budget: $0

You have the enjoyable opportunity to provide the chapel with fresh flowers so that it is properly decorated at all times. These flowers do not have to be changed daily. Before picking the flowers on the island, talk with the people at the front desk to find out the person in charge of flora and fauna who will tell you which flowers and plants may and may not be picked, and, perhaps, an idea of how long each will last. Don't pick too many from one spot.

Vases, pots and holders should be obtained from conference services. It is advisable to bring your own clippers!

Arrangements should be in good taste and not overpower the chapel. An arrangement in the front table in front of the pulpit is a must. You may want to put a second arrangement in a window at times. It is wise to check the chapel before the childrens' chapel and candlelight service in case flowers have been moved for some reason and not put back. Before moving anything check with the individuals doing the service first since they may want a special setup -- for instance, using the large UU chalice on the table in front of the pulpit.