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Auction – Pel Service

Number of People: 2
Budget: $0

Connect with Chairs and Conference Services to establish when the Pel Auction will take place. Find out, if you can, some of the offerings so you can use them to build up interest and bring conferees to the auction. The money raised is used to make life better for the Pels. People are usually eager to bid on things, so your job is to encourage them to come and to bid early and often for a very good cause.
If possible, try and get a list of items to be auctioned before the auction starts. Have it available for shoalers to see.

Talk with the pelican leadership and make sure that the Pels are willing to actively try and schedule/fulfill their end of the obligations, especially if they are a behind the scene pelican. It's easy to schedule a time to be a snackie for a day if you see them open; it's another to try and find the carpenters/painters/truck crew etc.