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Art Supply Coordinator

Number of People: 1
Budget: $50

This job entails keeping track of the art supplies that we keep up in the Brookfield over the winter and making sure that conferees don't raid the art barn for needed projects during the week. You will make sure that basic art supplies are available, and inventory what is to be stored for the next summer.

Get the inventory of supplies from the Chairs.

Lucy Susslin has taken responsibility for this position for several years, keeping supplies with her in a suitcase for easy access and announcing that she would be in the lobby after meals for anyone who needed supplies. She feels this is easier than storing supplies at Star. You need colored pencils, water color set, tape, markers, sharpie pens, watercolor paper, sketch paper, construction paper. Expenses run around $25. You need an assortment of supplies because you can't predict from year to year what people will want.

2016 comments: After this year's conference, the suitcase needs:
  • watercolor paper
  • construction paper
  • 1 set of good watercolors
  • 1 set of children's watercolors
  • Sharpies
  • a small ream of paper
  • sketch pad
  • a few pencil boxes to better store materials
  • watercolor pencils

2006 comments: Cost was $145; I did this job at the last minute and am hard-pressed to think of someone less qualified. My friend Kate got a description from me of what I thought artists did on Star and I outfitted things from that. I think there may have been informal stock that was carried from year to year, along with an inventory, but that history was gone when I got to the job. In the interests of keeping a little, here's what I bought, what we used, and what remains in the dupper on Star in Brookfield storage :

Qty Item Consumed On Island Notes
Roll of 15" white paper ~ 20 ft
9 Charcoal Sticks (3h, 3m 3s) Most remain
3 Rubber erasers 3 0
2 Rolls masking tape 1 1
3 set 12 oil pastels 2 1
2 Bottles Alene's tacky glue 1
3 Sets watercolor pencils 1 2 These were well received
3 set 12 watercolor tubes Niji brand (2) were too cheap to use; Reeves were good; brought home remainder. More smaller sets would be good
5 assorted Color sharpies Didn't seem to see much use
12 assorted color sharpies Used but brought home remainder
5 black sharpies Used but brought home remainder
6 8x10 oil canvass boards 6
3 11x14 oil canvass boards 3
1 pack 12x9 assorted color construction paper most remains not used much
1 pack 12x9 white construction paper 28 sheets
2 11x15 watercolor paper (12 sheets each) 8 sheets
1 12x16 pastel color charcoal paper pad 1 package was not used
1 12x18 sketch paper (40 sheets) 30 sheets
5 18x22 plywood work boards 4
3 8½x11plywood work boards 3
1 ream copy paper most remains
13 Pencils 8H/6H/2H/H(2)/HB(2)/B(2)/2B(2)/6B/9B Pencils 8H/6H/2H/H(2)/HB(2)/2B
8 Water color brushes small assorted 1 7
6 Water color brushes (wider) 1 5 One or two may not be in good shape; rest are still new
100 5oz "Dixie" cups 50 50
25 Foam plates for watercolor mixing 25 Foam plates don't work - use shiny plastic.

2003 comments: duct tape. Budget: $25

2000 comments: watercolors and paper, Sharpie pens, drawing pencils and paper, construction paper, tapes, glue, charcoal

Last edit: Angela Maxwell, July 2016