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Adult Art Sessions Coordinator

Number of People: 1
Budget: None

The Adult Art Coordinator is responsible for scheduling at least three adult art sessions from 3:30-5 or 4-5:30 during the week of the conference. Details: Adult art is a very popular pursuit during All Star II. In the past, art workshops have included: watercolor painting, jewelry-making, drawing, making Moravian paper stars, working with pastels. Fine art as well as craft workshops are welcome. Workshops have mainly been one session, however two sessions by the same volunteer, in the same media with the same participants has also been done.

Before arriving on the island, the Adult Art coordinator should contact and engage volunteers to conduct a one- or two-session workshop. Volunteers will need to bring all supplies needed for their workshop with them onto the island. They should also decide, with the volunteer, the day that the workshop will be conducted; workshops should be held Monday-Thursday afternoons to provide time for participants to sign up for their choice. They should also decide if there is a space limit.

On the island, the Coordinator places sign-up sheets, including the name of the workshop and the number of spaces, on the desk in the lobby of the Oceanic. An announcement should be made either at dinner on Saturday night, or at breakfast on Monday to let people know that they can sign up. If spaces are not filling, another announcement can be made during the week.

There is no budget for this activity. Volunteers should expect to recoup any expenses from the participants. Any expenses should be made clear on the signup sheet.