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This is a job for an ex-chair. The first attempt to fill this role was in 2003 when Dave Mellen acted as registrar and database administrator for Rodney and Sally. As part of the learning exercise Rodney and Sally thought it best to try and separate the functions of database admin and registrar since they are not really associated. However the the roles of Chair, Registrar and in the future, probably Treasurer too (if room and board deposit collections continue), are all closely linked.

  • The registrar is an important adjunct to the role of the chairs. Writing in 2003 we see the role as follows:
  • The registrar should be assigned early on in the tenure of the new chairs. No later than the Fall meeting, since the chairs will need name, address, telephone and email for the flyer and blue book.
  • Attend the fall meeting.
  • Become familiar with the database during the winter if not already fluent.
  • Discuss registration requirements with the chairs so you are ready when they start coming in (as soon as February, but peaking in March, but certainly before the spring SIC meeting). In 2003 a registration was not complete until:
    • A signed registration form is received (hand written or printed after online reg) - MMRF documentation is complete (if required) - a check for the correct amount is received (registration plus room and board for the whole family - a family means partners and children living in the same household (i.e. not adult children at college, divorced couples living separately, or adult siblings) - school grades are known for children - (any other policies as recommended by SIC)
  • Attend the spring SIC meeting with the chairs.
  • Enter registrations into the DB as they are received. Be as accurate as possible (especially with regards to money numbers), and make sure any special info or communications are noted in the appropriate fields.
  • Supply SIC with reg info on their schedule passed out in the spring meeting
  • Reg starts Jan 1, May 1, Jun 1 - Reg details Apr 15, May 15 (with R&B breakdown) - Complete reg info 4,3 and 2 weeks before conference (per Island Registrar Database needs) - Changes in reg info 3 days before conference
Registrar/ Treasurer/ Data Base Admin / Chairs are being asked to work together during 2005 to continue to define roles clearly between these four areas of responsibility. The goal is to have this in place for 2006, our 50th year for All Star II.